Divine Love

We Are All Energy

DIVINE LOVE — POTENTIAL YOU:  Two and a half years ago I had The Dream. My Grandfather came to me in what was only revealed as his face — but I really think it was God. No words were spoken, feeling only the most beautiful complete love I’d ever felt before, I felt absolute. Nothing about this dream came in words or form, in the way we might try and imagine it here. No, it offered only…read more below


poet Laurette

3 Points of Wisdom From Maya Angelou

3 Points of Wisdom from Maya Angelou

follow your heart

Read my article “Love Matters” at VividLife.Me



dreamersWatch this episode of Coffee Time with Noelle where Noelle talks about our meeting and my book.


Merging Worlds – Book available on Amazon!

Rising Personal Narrative

Rising Heart, Beat and Song

This is a personal narrative between 2009-2014.


Recharging the Empath


It Wasn’t Anyone’s Fault 


Love Matter’s

From Rising Heart, Beat and Song.


Grand Spiritus, Dr. Maya Angelou


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