11 Powerful DIY Ways to Reimagine Connection


Rethink and Repurpose Risk (image courtesy of Unsplash)

Repurposing Risk

Creating and sustaining connection in a world increasingly virtual, aiming viral, asks wholeheartedly this. What do we consider our greatest risk?

It’s easy to escape into our world of reality TV, or submerge into a shoppers world psychology on our steadfast search to fill the void — yes, to sell and be sold, everywhere we look, evidence of symptoms from too much escapism.

The loss of true social connection, even in at a time when fast data floods into our personal lives, is wreaking havoc on our health and in our relationships. Have we leaned too far left or too far right, off the path of balance toward our isolation instead of human co—operation?

Has our off-the-grid living, our fight or flight MO from adaptation to breaking news headlines escalated our fear of being hurt divided us beyond repair — or can we reimagine relationships and reinvent our social connection?

I offer that we, as a global compassionate society having the resources for the latter can —Reimagine it, and REDEFINE a connected life.

“What do we consider our greatest risk?”

Perhaps the biggest risk of all is in challenging our own thought system — challenging the thoughts and beliefs that support the requests that question our integrity, our values, our heart, and our inherent worth. Isn’t taking the risk of quieting our mind worth the rewards of productivity, self esteem and happiness? Perchance, it is learning to lean inward into our heart centered stillness that is precisely what we need to grant the strength to grow onward. 

What if, together in collective stillness, we make that giant leap forward into the consequence of Joy we didn’t expect? If the “consequence” of risking “it all” was positive and we arrived in and through self-love — would we not choose to open more doors?

I’m suggesting we can grow together by including more, and through risk, develop and deepen our connection. Let’s begin. Slowly or with vigor, I’ll join you on the adventure — are you ready?

Here are 11 sure fire ways risking “it all” can help develop greater connection and increase authenticity in our relationships.

  1. Work Together. We accomplish much more by working with each other, but we’ll gain even more insight about each others lives. The more we know about each others passions the more compassionate we become. Compassion is the action part of our passion.
  2. Nurture Love. The greatest gift we can acknowledge really — is love. Nurturing the understanding that we are a part of love and not separate from it. It’s our ticket to positive outcomes.
  3. Remain Open. All too easy for us to shut down with addiction to food, alcohol, excess of anything, only leads to more isolation. With our open hearts and our open minds, we can provide room for new opportunity to rise.
  4. Listen. Actually part of remain open is learning listening skills. In our silence, we can hear what each other is really saying.
  5. Trust. Trust that life is happening for you and not against you. Think back on how many “bad” things at the time have led us to great joys and greater accomplishments.
  6. Be Yourself. The risk of being ourselves is the key to personal freedom. Be all of you, even the most absurd — discover who else appreciates that part of you. Who wouldn’t love you for that?
  7. Include Everything. Try and live without negative judgments.
  8. Give Gratitude. This simple but profound act of acknowledgement transforms our selves, our lives and our relationships in the fastest and deepest ways.
  9. Tell your Story. When we are listening it allows others to share their story. The opposite rule applies.
  10. Be of Service. Sharing our knowledge and our hands is the key to our sustainability. Service assists in the discovery that risk is no longer a viable threat, but a fulfilling state of being.
  11. Get Curious. Learning new things, discovering books and places and people is a powerful tool to greater connection and healthy authentic relationships. And — curiosity will keep us young at heart!

Love Over Fear


Love is Alive

Love is in and of ALL things. It is you and me in the field of possibility.

Now is the time to choose love over fear.
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“Grace” Book Trailer

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“A piece of art”DIRK TERPSTR — Intuitive Speaker—HeartMath Trainer


“He indeed redefines love”MARY SCHAEFER, Speaker, Author and Chief Encouragement Officer, Artemis Path, Inc.

From the Introduction of the book

“We live in challenging times. In extraordinary times — and during an evolutionary time in which we are being requested to step forward with Expanded Love and Generous Hearts. This world — that we believe in — asks us to participate in designing our future. To design our life with a desire to lift each other up in hope and in possibility.

Citizens around the globe, we’re invited to express Divine Love, to bring to light our deepest secret — “we’re all really butterflies, waiting to emerge from our transformational chrysalis.”

All our charge has ever been — is to Love.”

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You are loved, you are safe, you are enough, and YOU MATTER! Are we ready for the conversation?

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I Present to you Grace


Expanding Life to Include Everything!

In and with LOVE I present my book #Grace on Amazon!! http://amzn.to/2romrkD or visit YESRISING.COM !! THANK YOU

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This has been a labor of love and I’m filled with gratitude sharing it with you.

Namaste everyone! I love you.




Complete is Your Birthright (image courtesy of Unsplash

Redefining love through the process of forgiving ourselves, we recover our birth truth — WE ARE ENOUGH. We are loved because we are love. We are enough because we are born enough. Believe it. I know you are enough!

Integrative Thought: I meet myself where I am. I forgive and I am forgiven.

“We carry the torch of our ancestors journey, lit by Divine Spark. Reaching on toward the light — behold, we are awake knowing we were birthed complete.” 

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Namaste ❤

Born Enough. Believe it!



“We ARE enough because we are born enough. Believe it!” Namaste Angel community! ❤

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Strength to Survive and Courage to Thrive


Courage to Thrive (Image courtesy of Unsplash)

Living in Balance with Chronic Illness

“The words echoed within me “all WILL be O.K., all WILL be well.” — Merging Worlds

When the phone rang, I was in the kitchen. Hearing the words your physician begins with “unfortunately we need to talk about it” brings instant uncertainty. I sat at the kitchen table with my cell phone in one hand and a pen in the other. You think your ready — you’re not. You think you will crumble — you don’t. White clouds of nothingness surrounded me like a hazy dream without music.

In December of 2012, 8 weeks after being fired from a six-year position as a fundraiser for healthcare, I received a diagnosis of prostate cancer, alone in my kitchen.

It changes you.

In ways we can’t imagine, physically from the treatment you receive, the stress on our bodies, and emotionally — both, our new perspective on life and our detailed evaluation of ourselves, and our values.

It changes life.

Cancer survivors or anyone with a chronic illness become numbers, statistics, risks for employers and possible losses for loved ones. What you wish people understood about you is just that — life changed, so did you, but you are still the same loving soul somewhere in the midst of the unpredictable hurricane.

“Know you are loved, you are safe, you are enough, and you matter!”

There is no magic answer. Some doctors will say your fine, some of your closest friends and family will say your fine. Some healthcare professionals will tell you more dire outcomes that engage fears in ways like fiery dragons emerge from their caves — not allowing for much hope.

What worked for me is faith in something bigger than myself, taking charge of my diet and exercise regimen, and creating a network of social connections that either understood what I was going through or had other life experiences that brought them similar questions and perspectives on life.

The resources that help me to remain positive, humble, and to get through are the ones that hold me in service to myself, others, and to the planet. They facilitate purpose.

  1. Daily prayer and meditating
  2. Yoga and nature
  3. Creativity, writing and recording music

Having a morning and evening ritual of prayer or mediation help me tremendously. It sets the tone for the day and creates a space to rest at night. I’m grateful for each day and the blessings, the gifts, the opportunities it brings. I have found amazing peace in that.

Attending a yoga class helps the body to flush out toxins, stretch out tight muscles, align our spine — and chakras, our bodies energy centers. Eastern philosophy and medicine have worked with our bodies energy systems for thousands of year’s and now is getting major attention in the West, along with new scientific proof that bodywork — works. Nature has also always been a grounding and healing place for me. A walk on the beach, a hike in the mountains, a stroll in he park is an instant cure-all.

Any type of creative activity is not only good for the soul, but builds healing energy. Especially when you do it with or for someone else. Cook a meal, paint a bedroom, paint a painting, write a poem. I have always been a writer, a poet, and a musician. For me, I am in joy as life-force flows through me in the creative process.

Since my cancer diagnoses, I have written three books, began a blog called Yesrising, and am working on new music and videos. My platform, that began as an outlet in 2013, has evolved into resources and inspiration for other artists, survivors, LGBTQ or anyone who wants a different, maybe offbeat, maybe off the beaten path, perspective on life.

The biggest piece of advice I have to offer? Know this: You are loved, you are safe, you are enough, and you matter!

Namaste. 🙂