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Original recording of 10 Year’s to 7th Heaven

Rick Eva is a folk-rock singer/songwriter – soulful, intimate and emotional. The song Ooh the Sky was engineered and played and produced by guitarist/producer Peter Calo at Tator Studio in New York. The CD was mastered by Jim Romanow at Balancing Hat Studio.

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What folks are saying:

“Ooh the Sky” A top 1,500 song honorable mention in the 10th Annual International Billboard Song Contest

“exceptionally strong and commercially appealing”.


“The arrangements and production are appropriately simple and understated, allowing Eva’s vocals — which echo a long line of plaintive, mellow vocalists such as Gerry Rafferty and Bread’s David Gates — to take centerstage.”


“Eva’s voice is evocative of many male singers that I find amazing, namely Bowie, Nick Cave, and Peter Murphy…”

— Amanda Nichols – The Noise, Rock Around Boston

The CD was recorded at studio 101 in Pawtucket RI, Longview Farms Studio in North Brookfield MA, Little Dog Studio in Malden MA, and Tator Studio in New York.