Praise for The Grace of Redefining Love

“The Grace of Redefining Love is a fine blend of sensitive poetry, personal insights and honest confessions. The book, that I rather call ‘a piece of art’ is accessible and insightful. If you feel drawn to redefine love in your life, this is your little ‘bible of truth’. I applaud Richard for his courage to bring so much of his genuine aliveness to the world!”


“A clarion call for anyone searching for happiness and peace. The Grace of Redefining Love empowers readers to transform their lives by inspiring love, possibility and inclusiveness. Read this book and you will receive powerful, yet simple, poetical practices that can change the trajectory of your life.”

—Karen Salmansohn, best selling author of THINK HAPPY

“I would recommend The Grace of Redefining Love as a book to keep at hand and to read over and over. I find it very inspiring and it resonates with me on so many levels.”

— Rev. Nora Bouvier

“I heartily endorse Richard Silva’s latest tome on love. You might wonder if there is more than can be said about love, but there is. Richard has obviously lived the concepts and practices of love he shares.

He indeed redefines love in connecting love to gratitude, motivation, forgiveness and other aspects of our human and spiritual experience of love.

You will take away more appreciation for love and a desire — and practical suggestions — to bring not only bring more love into your life, but release more of your love into life.

— Mary Schaefer, Speaker, Author and Chief Encouragement Officer, Artemis Path, Inc.

“The Grace of Redefining Love has a beautiful message: ‘We are part of love, not separate from it.’ The EPILOGUE is – Absolutely gorgeous and very nurturing. I sense the Divine Feminine…”

— Michele Harvey, Certified Life Transitions Coach, Nutritionist, Author

“A beautiful look at redefining Love and our ways of showing up in the world as expressions of that Divine Love.”

— Melissa Kalt, MD

“Richard Silvia shares a unique perspective which combines incredibly pithy, old world truths revolving around the following; love, truth, resilience, gratitude, motivation, forgiveness, staying present, and spiritual alignment which all lead to the beauty of inner peace & Hope.

Regardless of one’s faith; dogma or the practice one subscribes to or has no particular leaning, his uplifting message of LOVE holds wisdom for all comers. Much like Richard’s music and poetry; his latest book is fully permeated with HOPES healing properties. His message is a beacon which can illuminate one during their darkest hour.

I took The Grace of Redefining Love with me on my honeymoon; I took my sweet time allowing its profound message Silva painstakingly wrote to sink in. His line “For-Give means I Give You Love” deeply resonated with me.

I will leave you with my favorite line; “Releasing our attachment to false perceptions of egos perfection gives rise to a truly motivated vision” That said, we are all booklets of possibility.”

—Thomas E Ziemann, Author of “The Department of Zenitation; A Layman’s Guide to Making Spirituality Work in Real Life” & “Taming the Anger Dragon; From Pissed off to Peaceful.”