Purple. Anything purple — because it was Mary’s favorite colour. She loved 1970’s Cadillac Coupe de Ville’s, playing gin rummy, and she made a mean Portuguese kale soup.

She crocheted blankets and table clothes in all sorts of intricate patterns and knitted cream coloured lace doilies she would often give out to family and friends.

One of my childhood heroines — Mary was a good sounding board for when I needed to feel safe and heard during somewhat tumultuous times.

She would give me gifts. A set of playing cards with a dog on a purple backdrop, and a red, white and blue afghan she made. Once, a plastic donkey that had the words “I can’t live without you” scribed on its ears. Perhaps it was to let me know that she would always be around in some form or another, a safety blanket.

Mary always accepted me as I was —feminine, masculine, creative or hungry. It never mattered to her. What a blessing to receive for a young boy with many questions.

Thank you Aunt Mary. #Gratitude #WakingInstants #PeopleThatMakeADifference

Are We Building Dams or Bridges?

positive quote

Today I AM Creating a Bridge

REDEFINING LOVE is acknowledging our minds perception of our own story

but allowing our Heart to create a new one.

Today I AM__________?



Lift One Another Up

How can I benefit my community – how can I help our connected humanity? ‪#‎LoveWins‬  ‪#‎Orlando‬ ‪#‎LGBT‬ ‪#‎WeRiseInTheArmsOfEachOther‬ ‪#‎FaceLove

Best Kept Secret


Best Kept Secret In Modern Civilization

The best kept secret in Modern Civilization: There is NOTHING wrong with you. Where purple pants, sing off key, march to a different drum, or simply just be plain and humbly you — the whole spectrum is beautiful, not just a chosen few. #LetsGoUp

Working on Purpose


The job of an artist, of any kind, is to interpret, to show, to explain what they are seeing. Never be afraid to express what you see.

From a young boy, I remember feeling — well, what seemed at the time, like just about everything. Being overwhelmed by the outside world. Exhausted from being around grownups – from being around my own friends. It was quickly determined that I was “sensitive”, a label used by my family that they felt somewhat comfortable with. Words like freak, weirdo, pansy, among others were used by peers, and “friends” in school for them to fit in — to feel socially accepted.

Today, it is my job to tell you that each of you – without exception, is beautiful and complete. You are whole in the same way we know a tree is whole or the stars to be whole. We have no expectation of them. We see their beauty as is —  wanting nothing in return. Nor does a rogue branch dim their light.

You are fulfilling your destiny. You are Divine. A spark of Love from origins that are undeniably vast and creative. You are not alone. You were never alone no matter what you were told or shown.

Our job now, is to stand in our space. To transform old pain into new beginnings. To find others like us. How? By telling the world what we think, what we believe, what interests us.

Look for people that lift you up. Seek those hat connect you and include you. And in return, include them. Tell someone how you feel today. Use social media if you can’t do it locally or if you can’t get out. Be brave.

So dear friends, you are not alone. You never were. Reach out. Hold out your hand in inclusion of our likeness and in inclusion of our difference. We are all creations of love by nature. We are – by design.