Take Time to Smell The Flowers

Here we are smack dab in mid July! A lot of people are on holiday, some are taking breaks from school, others still working harder and longer hours than ever. Where ever we we fall on the spectrum — it is important to slow down, just a bit, to smell the flowers. Or roses, ifContinue reading “Take Time to Smell The Flowers”

Loss Teaches

One thing I learned from loss is: Without the job, the title, the car, the money – you discover who love’s and supports you for who you really are. And they are the same people who include and support everyone else’s successes and dreams – which is a good barometer to watch when you doContinue reading “Loss Teaches”

Seek Kindness

Look everywhere for kindness – in the eyes of a stranger, to the words of our global brothers and sisters, through the laughter of our children, the nudge from our pets, in the sounds of nature. Keep looking – seek it as you would your favorite flower – acknowledge it, express it, then release it.Continue reading “Seek Kindness”

Doors, Possibility and Breakthroughs

Painting doorways, creating possibility, having breakthroughs. The only way to really do it is to evolve ourselves. We evolve and move forward by releasing. Releasing is forgiving yourself for the million things you think you did wrong and the times you think you were not good enough. You were good enough. Love is interdimentional. ItContinue reading “Doors, Possibility and Breakthroughs”

Inclusiveness – Evolving Conversation

I write a lot about it. I’m a huge advocate of it. So, what is inclusiveness really? The short definition is – to consider everything…everyone. Peeling back the layers and digging deeper we can discover that inclusiveness is active – to actively value each other. In my opinion, actively valuing ourselves too! Living inclusive allowsContinue reading “Inclusiveness – Evolving Conversation”


In the deepest sense of the word, miracle in Sanskrit translates to Smerah, meaning “smiling,” Offering our service in uncertain times brings the miracle to us. How can I help? Slowing our breath, keeping it deep and steady connects us directly to the miracle. The miracle is you! Choose to believe in miracles. Believe inContinue reading “Smerah”

Remembering L.A.

I didn’t get to see her much the last year. She liked to keep to herself anyway and with cancer and all, even more so. Still, I miss her. L.A.’s hair was very long, blond, and stated. Rock star status stated. She would tie it back with pink bows which tickled me enough that IContinue reading “Remembering L.A.”

Recharging the Empath

Recharging the Empath Years ago I read a book titled “Are you Really Too Sensitive” by Marcy Calhoun. That was the beginning of my understanding through someone else’s words, what an empath is, why I felt that way I did, and how to take better care of myself. The dictionary describes empath as “a personContinue reading “Recharging the Empath”