Artists do Many Things

They write stuff and drink coffee at Starbucks. They eat well. They are advocates for love, justice and social change. They photograph expressions of love. They have friends and partners and lovers. They are social creatures and recluses. They are leaders and followers. They are inclusive. They are bold and meek. They are strong and weak. TheyContinue reading “Artists do Many Things”


‪#‎WordsForARainySunday‬ COLOUR CONSPIRACY Severed cotton clouds painted woolen spots of beauty some touch the sky with gray from a thin paintbrush sun spaced colour of brilliance move cross horizons creating illusions and beams rainbow colours darkened to the earth cotton clouds become black then we wait for the next color conspiracy  – from HERO, aContinue reading “COLOUR CONSPIRACY”

How You Can Apply The Law of Attraction

What you are seeking is seeking you, so be CLEAR with your HEARTS desire because It already EXISTS in form. Begin expressing what you already have. CALL it from a place of GRATITUDE —not from a place of lack or need. RISE up to meet it. For example, I am grateful for my business partnerContinue reading “How You Can Apply The Law of Attraction”

Advocate Your Dreams

Advocate your dreams – Live encouraged and inspired, live included and live empowered – our partners the poets, the artists, the writers, the musicians, the great leaders have paved the road for us and we share their stardust. We are not alone.