You Are Enough.


What was it he said
can you make it clear
could the rain ever 
let go of its fear 

born to time
timeless and mirrored how
well he understood but
what good is good
for we all have destiny

I did fall away
so did the sun and the moon
and the stars came
just about midnight

no one on the stage tonight
no not tonight

follow me, remember the dream
remember me
across some foreign land
light upon pale sand

so far within
the foggy chambers
listen to this — listen to that
was enough for me

river of time
would you be pleased
is it enough
just to be…tell me

-from HERO, a collection of poems


Together in peace, see each other as one love…


I see you, and I hear you

“Savor the lightness of stealth moments – emerging from grace, heroically pushing outward in echoes of poetic justice…walk with me friend. Gently. Quiver no more…”  ‪#‎LetUsRise‬ ‪#‎AsOneLove‬


Waking Instants 04: RUTH


People That Make a Difference

Ruth was my second Mother. A friend of the family, she was there from beginning — the day I was born actually. Over the year’s our friendship grew and what we shared is indescribable.

Ruth or “Ruthy” as I called her, lived next door and was married to Jim. They were close friends of my parents and I was at their home ALL the time. I never much liked being alone in mine, plus, Ruthy cooked all sorts of meals I was more than happy to eat.

She taught me about jazz and other great music — songs like Winchester Cathedral and musicians like Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass. I would borrow her albums, probably scratch them up a bit, then eventually return them for what ever else I could find in her record cabinet.

My favorite day of the year is May1. It’s my favorite because Ruthy and I would celebrate it by creating May Day plates out of paper plates and decorating them with shells from the beach and other items from our yards. She and I would go out to dinner, eat hot dogs on the beach, and take walks — Ruthy was one of my Great Advisor’s.

Probably one of the most effective pieces of advice Ruthy gave me was when I was trying to understand why my parents would always compare me to other kids. Sitting in her TV room, she said to me: “You’re a smart kid Rich, you’ll figure it out”.

Sometimes all we need is for someone to listen to us, someone who, without judgement — believes in us.

Thanks You Ruthy! #Gratitude #WakingInstants #PeopleThatMakeADifference



Lift One Another Up

How can I benefit my community – how can I help our connected humanity? ‪#‎LoveWins‬  ‪#‎Orlando‬ ‪#‎LGBT‬ ‪#‎WeRiseInTheArmsOfEachOther‬ ‪#‎FaceLove



I Am Still Here

Dear Inner Child: No matter what, I’m going to be here. It’s OK to feel what you feel, it’s normal —In fact it’s beautiful because you feel. I’m still here. Yes, that’s right I’m gonna be here with you forever unconditionally. You matter to me.




My new book HERO is offered to readers as a description in prose of my travels. Hero is a collection of poems written between 1990 —2001.

It is gifted to the young poet to convey — you are not crazy or alone or lost. It is reassurance that we meet many on our journey — and that you, dear poet, have much to give. The blessing from the heart, I give to you. Create.

‪#‎Miracle‬‪#‎Positive‬ ‪#‎Energy‬ ‪#‎Quote‬ ‪#‎Motivate‬  ‪#‎NoFearFriday‬ ‪#‎NoFear‬ ‪#‎NoMoreFear‬ Hero is available on Amazon here http://amzn.to/1qsZH28

Above all Else

love copyWhen finishing my vision board last week, I began thinking about my goals and dreams. Thinking about personal achievements I’d like in 2016 and thinking about the things I want to accomplish in a larger scale in the world. But above all this, above whatever happens, I feel we must know this — as the sun sets — its rises and above all else, we are divine love.

Prema means love. It includes divine love, human love, and universal love. Prema is the cosmic force of consciousness that holds everything together. Aham means “I am.” Aham Prema is an affirmation that your core self is pure love and it puts your life energy in resonance with the love principle running through existence.

From chopracentermeditation.com