“Recognizing we are part of the whole. Part of our ancestors journey, part of the Divine Spark that reaches toward the light — to awaken knowing we are born complete.”

– from The Grace of Redefining Love, a book about changing perception. Coming soon! Follow my platform YESRISING on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Slowing ourselves down for just a few minutes each morning and night helps bring us to our heart’s center. In my experience, within 7 minutes we begin to notice a release, a peace.  Using meditation, basic breathing techniques, yoga, exercise, walking in nature…any thing we can fit it in our busy day, is how we begin to see possibility and hear our world speak to us. Namaste 🙂


AWAKEN and See Miracles Everywhere

“Possibility speaks to us all the time. It speaks through you and me, and trees, and rivers, and mountains and through birds, and dogs and babies. Messages, connections, and signs are here to guide us on our journey. Stay awake, everything speaks. Everything has something to say.” – from merging worlds book



People That Make a Difference


About 18 years old, I worked in a small hardware store located about 100 feet from Narragansett Bay in Newport, Rhode Island — an international sailing port that brought people in from all over the world.

Ambrozine was from Trinidad and spoke English in a way that I had to listen deeply to fully understand what she was asking of me. She would drive up in her old station wagon to purchase supplies for her latest project. At about 80 years old, she loved talking and interacting with people and she sometimes brought “workers” with her to help with her projects.

Ambrozine said to me often “you don’t belong here”.

Those four words changed the trajectory of my life because I carried her spirit forward into situations where I needed to continue striving to fulfill my life purpose. I used the words “you don’t belong here” as a mantra of sorts to remind myself to stay on purpose. To stand up when I got nocked down. To find strength and courage when I was in a storm of adversity. Seeing her determined eyes and her lips saying to me “you must keep going, you must follow your heart”.

Thank you Ambrozine. #Gratitude #WakingInstants #PeopleThatMakeADifference




My new book HERO is offered to readers as a description in prose of my travels. Hero is a collection of poems written between 1990 —2001.

It is gifted to the young poet to convey — you are not crazy or alone or lost. It is reassurance that we meet many on our journey — and that you, dear poet, have much to give. The blessing from the heart, I give to you. Create.

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Attracting Our Future

Positive thinking

Attracting Our Future

Last night I had a dream in which I went to see a women who was sitting in an electric chair waiting execution and I said to her — “you are forgiven”. I didn’t know her or why or what crime she allegedly committed, in fact, in my heart I didn’t feel any crime was committed at all — but I knew I couldn’t stop the process.

Through forgiveness, we let go and move forward toward the sun — surrendering into the light that warms us. There is no returning to rebuild a past that no longer exists or one that was only illusion anyway.  Only the thought of it, our perception of the experience makes it seem real enough to keep clinging onto it now.

Moving forward is to not withdraw or retreat but rather to step out into the light and shine. To move forward is to BE the healing light you are. To ask God, the angels, the Universe to change our perceptions — to lift the 1,000 veils and expose us to those who seek compassion, empathy, love, kindness and forgiveness. To expose those qualities that live within ourselves — to those who seek both our self and our life-work.

What is the common thread in all our situations that lead us to forgiveness?

“Forgive and you will see this differently”  —ACIM

Be Still

“The waking kiss is from any experience in which we choose to hear.”

– Saturday, January 30th Morning Meditation ‪#‎BeStill‬ ‪#‎LetsGoUp‬