“Recognizing we are part of the whole. Part of our ancestors journey, part of the Divine Spark that reaches toward the light — to awaken knowing we are born complete.” – from The Grace of Redefining Love, a book about changing perception. Coming soon! Follow my platform YESRISING on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Slowing ourselves down for just a few minutes each morning and night helps bring us to our heart’s center. In my experience, within 7 minutes we begin to notice a release, a peace.  Using meditation, basic breathing techniques, yoga, exercise, walking in nature…any thing we can fit it in our busy day, is how we begin to seeContinue reading “7 MINUTES”


WAKING INSTANTS: AMBROZINE About 18 years old, I worked in a small hardware store located about 100 feet from Narragansett Bay in Newport, Rhode Island — an international sailing port that brought people in from all over the world. Ambrozine was from Trinidad and spoke English in a way that I had to listen deeplyContinue reading “WAKING INSTANTS 03: AMBROZINE”


My new book HERO is offered to readers as a description in prose of my travels. Hero is a collection of poems written between 1990 —2001. It is gifted to the young poet to convey — you are not crazy or alone or lost. It is reassurance that we meet many on our journey —Continue reading “Create”

Attracting Our Future

Last night I had a dream in which I went to see a women who was sitting in an electric chair waiting execution and I said to her — “you are forgiven”. I didn’t know her or why or what crime she allegedly committed, in fact, in my heart I didn’t feel any crime wasContinue reading “Attracting Our Future”

On Women

“They were all teachers. All with messages, all with voices like the willow trees, whispering words of wisdom and the future of our evolution.” ‪#‎AboutEvolutionaryWomen‬ ‪#‎HonoringAllWomen‬ – Merging Worlds