It’s OK to Feel Frightened…but

At times we have to step into our shadow and ask ourselves – “WHY DO I THINK THAT?”


It’s OK To Be Scared

“It required all of that, all of me, if I were to reclaim my lost spirit and rise up from my ashes with purpose and clarity. I stepped into the mirror like Alice through the Looking Glass, showing up in dark places that challenged my beliefs and questioned my thoughts. I was scared.” – from MERGING WORLDS ‪#‎LetsGoUp‬ ‪#‎RedefineOurLives‬



Lift One Another Up

How can I benefit my community – how can I help our connected humanity? ‪#‎LoveWins‬  ‪#‎Orlando‬ ‪#‎LGBT‬ ‪#‎WeRiseInTheArmsOfEachOther‬ ‪#‎FaceLove

Street Angel

homelessEarly one evening, I took exit 3 as usual. Descending off the highway ramp to Route 5, my eye caught the shape of a man. A man clothed in a beige coat with a cardboard sign, displaying the words “please help”. He was really not a man at all, but rather seemed like a boy. A twenty-one-ish year-old boy, a child of God, standing alone with uncertainty in his eyes and the tired look on his face we have all seen.

I followed the road, the laws of the road, and the neighboring vehicles —  the boy drifted from view, front to back, my right hand attempting to reach in my jean pocket, my left hand managing a brief wave. The opportunity passed. In the glance we shared between us, I wanted to turn around, maybe get back on the highway then off again, but those moments were gone. I couldn’t and I didn’t.

The best thing I could think of to do was start saying a prayer. “Dear God, I screwed that up, How can I help? Dear God, I send that boy love and peace and warmth to wrap around his heart tonight. I ask you to show me. How can I help?”

That boy, angel on the street, is somebody’s son, brother, uncle, and friend. Maybe a prayer is enough, maybe opening our hearts and our homes for some is appropriate, maybe dropping off a meal to someone who doesn’t have one is what they need, or a kind word, soothing.

Loose bills are stuffed in the dashboard compartment now. Namaste.

Our Voice is an Instrument

SurrenderAsking for help can sometimes feel as if we are being submissive. But truly asking from our heart is allowing for possibility to form. Asking, either out loud or in silence, is using our voice as an instrument through which the Universe can then speak.  Asking for help opens our heart wider to a flood of love that our Source is very willing to provide. When someone asks us for help, don’t we usually reply with yes, how can I assist? Namaste