Working on Purpose

The job of an artist, of any kind, is to interpret, to show, to explain what they are seeing. Never be afraid to express what you see. From a young boy, I remember feeling — well, what seemed at the time, like just about everything. Being overwhelmed by the outside world. Exhausted from being aroundContinue reading “Working on Purpose”

Our Voice is an Instrument

Asking for help can sometimes feel as if we are being submissive. But truly asking from our heart is allowing for possibility to form. Asking, either out loud or in silence, is using our voice as an instrument through which the Universe can then speak.  Asking for help opens our heart wider to a floodContinue reading “Our Voice is an Instrument”

Shared Vision

“What seems empty now is only the space ready to receive that which we are willing to become.” Are there places we are able to show up in life more alive and present, open and humble, and kind? Can we join together in a shared vision of love and possibility? I vow to try. NamasteContinue reading “Shared Vision”

Slowing Aggression or Compassionate Cooperation

When did ego go wrong, deciding that faster, better, squashing out each other’s spirits was the way to survive on our planet? How did we escalate our differences rather than be inclusive of our likeness and compassion and love? Modern civilization continues to create a culture of striving rather than creating. Striving toward ownership atContinue reading “Slowing Aggression or Compassionate Cooperation”

The Reciprocity of Generosity

Sunday morning brings a quiet gratitude for reflecting on nice people. We usually put a price tag on the word generous or generosity, as our culture illustrates to us in ads for gifts of jewels and baubles. Being generous is about giving. Anything. Your time, your smile, your ear to listen. Maybe it is offeringContinue reading “The Reciprocity of Generosity”