Chance Meetings, Cosmic Grace


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What is Given, Received

Let us take refuge in our likeness when unknown eyes run into ours. Breathe — in the expanse offered when such gaze from a stranger discerns deeper connection. Perhaps we never met, true, still we know some-thing about each other.

Our personality may have forgotten, but our soul has not. And though our body’s may have changed, our eyes remained the same.

What is it when someone we don’t know says something so rich, it moves us with tingles or tears? When synchronicity rings so true that we say hmmm…huh. There is no physical threat to us, no, what we feel of this stranger, or angel —  is simply the triggering of the frequency of our connection lighting up our field of remembrance.

Something clicks internal that’s eternal, and now and again, within a blink, decades of searching for understanding is understood — take refuge in the acknowledgement that you are like your brother, oh yes, do.

Take refuge in the angel’s eyes and enter inner dedication. Bring presence in the present moment — for in it, provides the data, proof of something great weaving through us all.

Step into those serendipitous events. And in solidarity join in heart with each other — for on this day we are united — One on big blue-green planet Earth.

We all know as years grow on, we can look back and see the people that shaped and molded our future. Let it not stop there. Gently accept your strange angels stare with open hearts.

These chance meetings?

No, there are no strangers nearby, only angels among us exposing gleams of light reminding us — who we really are.

Return the receipt dear global citizens— all is well — with a word or nod or wave or smile. Take refuge in the fleeting moment our eyes meet in cosmic grace.For it is that waking moment, sent to bring us confirmation of our precious peace — and that moments gift to others, they are safely on their soul-journey.

These are our waking instants.

In the burden of surrender we rise — through us love shall speak. We only need show up wearing our burden gracious, for the word will take the stage, and at once — what is given, is received.

Stand in reverence of each passing gift, because it is in parting — that we receive. Take refuge in our likeness my friends— embrace the wise as it beckons us to rise. In our strangers eyes flash the sentiment; wake up. May I reflect your greatest good?


“Becoming more connected with our love, we are then called to reach out to friends, neighbors, communities and countries – co-creating our evolution. Inspiring global thinking.”



Keep Returning to Center

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Some People Just Make You Feel Part of the Tribe


“To the left, to the left” she would chant to Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable”. Josephine’s chanting brought a gentle laughter to all of us, at any given time. With delivered acceptance.

Jo, as she was often referred, didn’t fit into the culture of mainstream rules and regulations — she had her own drum to beat.

Her rhythm connected. 

I loved her greeting for me. “hey Rich” in a tone that always was so welcoming and accepting, I couldn’t feel anything other than part of her tribe.

To be honest, I really didn’t know her that well. We were more aquatinted through mutual friendships — and yet, on the few times we vacationed together in Fort Lauderdale, it felt like we were lifetime friends. That is the beauty of those connections we make that are authentic and synchronistic. Impact.

The impact on my own learning of self acceptance through Josephine was enormous.

I am grateful Jo — thank you for that welcoming spirit of yours and for taking me without judgement into your palm tree paradise.

Thank you Josephine! #Gratitude #WakingInstants #PeopleThatMakeADifference


“For all people from all countries, let there be one dream dissolving illusion. Let there be expanding peace where there is no fear and no pain – let sentient life bloom love, what may I offer today?” 


Be The Blessing


Positive Action



I call him Sam because I don’t know his name.  1988 — waiting for the bus on the East Side, Providence — Rhode Island, a dark haired guy — handsome, made his way toward me and began speaking partly to himself, partly to me. Half sage, half poet, half crazy perhaps but then, what does it matter.

What he said to me that day I wrote down in a song. That line was “choose your possessions well”. It has become increasingly more true as life goes on.

We don’t need much. The things we think we want or need are more often than not —distraction. Our true possessions are spirit, heart and connection — to each other and a higher Source.

Thank you Sam. #Gratitude #WakingInstants #PeopleThatMakeADifference



People That Make a Difference


About 18 years old, I worked in a small hardware store located about 100 feet from Narragansett Bay in Newport, Rhode Island — an international sailing port that brought people in from all over the world.

Ambrozine was from Trinidad and spoke English in a way that I had to listen deeply to fully understand what she was asking of me. She would drive up in her old station wagon to purchase supplies for her latest project. At about 80 years old, she loved talking and interacting with people and she sometimes brought “workers” with her to help with her projects.

Ambrozine said to me often “you don’t belong here”.

Those four words changed the trajectory of my life because I carried her spirit forward into situations where I needed to continue striving to fulfill my life purpose. I used the words “you don’t belong here” as a mantra of sorts to remind myself to stay on purpose. To stand up when I got nocked down. To find strength and courage when I was in a storm of adversity. Seeing her determined eyes and her lips saying to me “you must keep going, you must follow your heart”.

Thank you Ambrozine. #Gratitude #WakingInstants #PeopleThatMakeADifference

With Eagles Wings

“It is during the difficult times of deep reflection that we can hear the heartbeat of the Universe singing our song.” ‪#‎TakeTimeWeNeedToFeelThenLiftOurselves‬ ‪#‎ThenLiftEachOther‬

– from Merging Worlds, 93 Thoughts on Love & Cultivating Possibility