“Losing a job, our health, or a loved one changes us forever. These are traumas that are game changers and we are never the same again. We see differently and there are times when it is wise to seek counsel. Asking for help is a Divine Experience. This is by no means a weak act — asking for help is the foundation of strength.”

– from THE GRACE of REDEFINING LOVE, a book about changing perception.

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expandingIf I stayed inside my house, this furniture and its placement would be all I know. If I walked outside and stayed in my neighborhood then my home and my neighborhood would be all I know. If I got in the car and drove to a new city, then I would know my home, my neighborhood and a new city…keep expanding.

Write Brilliant Music

music1Someone said that to me many years back when I lived in Boston. The message is that we are writing the music in our lives all the time – composing our own soundtrack that we sing and dance to all day long. What are you writing?

Look At All That Space To Dance

treebreez8Are you holding on to an outcome or a fear or a self judgment? Is there a sense of security in the attachment to a person or maybe an old story or idea cycling around in your mind? One of the best pieces of advice I have received is that when we stand up to fear – it has no choice but to melt away.

“What I know for sure is that when we let go of perceived certainty and trust our heart, the world of opportunity and possibility open up in unimaginable ways”

Is Your Nourish Light On?

NOURISHMENT: it’s natural, it’s self-compassionate, it’s necessary…

nourishFill yourself up as we enter that fast-paced busy time of year. Remind yourself that we need good nutrition and exercise to nourish our mind and our body and of course – nourish our soul. Find quality time with others who support your spirit and support your dreams.

You put gas in the car before it runs out right?

Grit 100 Not 101

Let’s talk about grit – grit is the phoenix rising from the ashes. Yes grit is another buzzword reborn out of epic tales and from great poets and philosophers, but then we live in a time of cliché and kitsch so let’s go with it. Speaking from our hearts will transcend all the crap.

gritIn life we roam and explore and we triumph and fail – it’s natural. Grit allows us to carry on with passion – it’s having lived through a day you first believed was impossible – but today is here, impossible failed…not you, and we did it! And maybe we fell down, but we rallied, re-energized, tended to our wounds and got back up.

It’s the spark that remains lit within our heart that lifts us up despite any fear, chains or heckles. We are resilient – we rise. We get back up and enter the race. Not societies race, but our own personal journey. Our journey, to be the best compassionate soldier we can be – now on a changed trajectory – with our own inner hero’s epic tale.