Five for Fighting Anxiety

“Anxiety – got me on the run Anxiety – yeah, I just need someone Anxiety – can’t get nothin’ done Anxiety – spoils all the fun” — Lyrics from the song ‘Anxiety’ by Pat Benatar Practices for a less stressful and more glorious day. We all have anxiety. How could we not? Anxiety has becomeContinue reading “Five for Fighting Anxiety”

You’re a Peach

Fruit is a great snack to replace chips, candy or other processed foods. Some days I cut up an apple with peanut butter for a afternoon pick-me-up or have some berries, nuts and yogurt for a night-time snack. Here is one of my favorites this time of year – fresh peaches from the local farmersContinue reading “You’re a Peach”

Chicken Coconut Pumpkin Soup

With the pumpkin leftover from making the dog treats – I made this soup with shredded chicken, coconut milk, cilantro and the canned pumpkin. It just took a couple minutes to heat up on the stove. A simple and nutritious soup that can be eaten as is or poured over brown rice. Yum.

Food Prep: Roasting Everything

Roasting vegetables is a good way to prepare for the week or a dinner party. You can roast just about anything and in this photo you will see carrots, celery, and onion and yes, GRAPES! I love roasted grapes! By adding some type of fruit to the pan, you will create something unique and fun!Continue reading “Food Prep: Roasting Everything”

Veggie Chop

This is a pretty good salad. Certainly good for you! In this one I put some greens, tomato, celery, radicchio, currants, pumpkin seeds with some olive oil and good balsamic vinegar. The crunch from the seeds and celery make it satisfying. Sometimes I will add chicken or tofu. Enjoy 🙂

Fuel for the Gods

So, I got home from the gym tonight, looked in the fridge and this happened: Brown herbed rice with steamed shitake, steamed asparagus, smoked mozzarella, and cilantro…few drops of olive oil, Braggs Aminos and I had myself a really satisfying quick meal. Yum, I tell ya… 🙂

Food Prep: My Bro Cilantro

What I love about cilantro is both the flavor and the scent. People seem to either love it or hate it. Since I love it, I’ll rattle on why. Cilantro has about 8 different natural antibiotic properties and has been shown to be effective in treating Salmonella. These properties have been inspiring food scientists andContinue reading “Food Prep: My Bro Cilantro”

Food Prep: Kiwi

I remove the skin, slice up and store in a glass container. Usually mine are consumed within a day or two because I prefer fresher fruit. You can use Kiwis on salads or in smoothies – though, I like to eat mine as a snack right from the container. The kiwi is high in vitaminContinue reading “Food Prep: Kiwi”

Pu-erh Tea Pure Me

Numi Organic Pu-erh is one of my favorite teas. It is a dark, rich and earthy tea that you can purchase in brick-form like this one. What’s cool is that you break off a piece – like you would a chocolate bar – and toss it in a tea pot to steep. I get 3-4Continue reading “Pu-erh Tea Pure Me”