Always all around us. In the clouds, in the tree’s, in our hearts…

Positive Quote

Life is Where We Look


Together in peace, see each other as one love…


I see you, and I hear you

“Savor the lightness of stealth moments – emerging from grace, heroically pushing outward in echoes of poetic justice…walk with me friend. Gently. Quiver no more…”  ‪#‎LetUsRise‬ ‪#‎AsOneLove‬

It’s OK to Feel Frightened…but

At times we have to step into our shadow and ask ourselves – “WHY DO I THINK THAT?”


It’s OK To Be Scared

“It required all of that, all of me, if I were to reclaim my lost spirit and rise up from my ashes with purpose and clarity. I stepped into the mirror like Alice through the Looking Glass, showing up in dark places that challenged my beliefs and questioned my thoughts. I was scared.” – from MERGING WORLDS ‪#‎LetsGoUp‬ ‪#‎RedefineOurLives‬



We Are More Alike Than Different


I hear you

on the last page

in a journal

we are not different
we are not that different
you and I

you the superstar
I modern day czar
I have my luxury
matter of perception
how I have learned
in tumultuous weeks
my room is silent

that is all—

and the most important thing
is to love ourselves
It is the only consideration

or we shall fade

over and again and again and more
maybe then love will win
from HERO, a collection of poems 1990-2001

With Eagles Wings

“It is during the difficult times of deep reflection that we can hear the heartbeat of the Universe singing our song.” ‪#‎TakeTimeWeNeedToFeelThenLiftOurselves‬ ‪#‎ThenLiftEachOther‬

– from Merging Worlds, 93 Thoughts on Love & Cultivating Possibility




Her name is Kay, she is a calligrapher, artist, friend of the family and my dad was her plumber. I had aways been an artist, though not in the traditional sense. My family didn’t encourage art or self expression. My mother told me my abstract paintings made her dizzy and my father said I would never be “one of them” (successful creative people). My sister recited that my photographs were not good because “I just didn’t have the eye for it”.

That is water under the bridge now but you should know the simple synchronicity that made the difference in my life. When I got to be a teenager, my dad took me with him on a small plumbing job at Kay’s home. In her living room stood an easel with a half painted painting on it and in awe  I said to myself — I want to create like that! About ten years later I ran into her, she saw my personal evolution and new gained freedom and asked how did I get out? My response is — because you showed me a way. THANK YOU KAY! #Gratitude #ArtistsMoments #Mentors #WakingInstants #PeopleThatMakeADifference #ThankYouKay