“Love is like the bookstore that holds joy and happiness, gratitude, dreams and healing — the books we should frequently read.”


You Are the Bookstore

-from THE GRACE OF REDEFINING LOVE, a guide to changing perception, coming soon. Namaste 🙂

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Slowing ourselves down for just a few minutes each morning and night helps bring us to our heart’s center. In my experience, within 7 minutes we begin to notice a release, a peace.  Using meditation, basic breathing techniques, yoga, exercise, walking in nature…any thing we can fit it in our busy day, is how we begin to see possibility and hear our world speak to us. Namaste 🙂


AWAKEN and See Miracles Everywhere

“Possibility speaks to us all the time. It speaks through you and me, and trees, and rivers, and mountains and through birds, and dogs and babies. Messages, connections, and signs are here to guide us on our journey. Stay awake, everything speaks. Everything has something to say.” – from merging worlds book



You Are Enough.


What was it he said
can you make it clear
could the rain ever 
let go of its fear 

born to time
timeless and mirrored how
well he understood but
what good is good
for we all have destiny

I did fall away
so did the sun and the moon
and the stars came
just about midnight

no one on the stage tonight
no not tonight

follow me, remember the dream
remember me
across some foreign land
light upon pale sand

so far within
the foggy chambers
listen to this — listen to that
was enough for me

river of time
would you be pleased
is it enough
just to be…tell me

-from HERO, a collection of poems


One of the projects I am working on is a new book titled “HERO – A Young Poets Love”. A collection of poems I wrote between 1990 and 2000. More to come on that, but here is one of the poems I call “Commonplace”


“The scent of sea and land
drops of water in sand
breeze and bird are one
water breaking through sun
peace and fury together seen
connected by immortal being
vision of a painter’s dream
ocean, land, and air a team
open heart passions prevail
listen, listen timeless tale
flowing water given thee
my soul that I may be
ancient rock timeless sky
speak in tongue understand I”

Moving Toward Peace

“Feeling warm hearted, and an inner calm about choices we make is a pretty good indicator that we are in alignment, on good path.” ‪#‎LetsGoUp‬

– from the book Merging Worlds

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