“Love is like the bookstore that holds joy and happiness, gratitude, dreams and healing — the books we should frequently read.” -from THE GRACE OF REDEFINING LOVE, a guide to changing perception, coming soon. Namaste 🙂 You can follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


Slowing ourselves down for just a few minutes each morning and night helps bring us to our heart’s center. In my experience, within 7 minutes we begin to notice a release, a peace.  Using meditation, basic breathing techniques, yoga, exercise, walking in nature…any thing we can fit it in our busy day, is how we begin to seeContinue reading “7 MINUTES”


FACES OF THOUGHT What was it he said can you make it clear could the rain ever  let go of its fear  born to time timeless and mirrored how well he understood but what good is good for we all have destiny I did fall away so did the sun and the moon and theContinue reading “FACES OF THOUGHT”


One of the projects I am working on is a new book titled “HERO – A Young Poets Love”. A collection of poems I wrote between 1990 and 2000. More to come on that, but here is one of the poems I call “Commonplace” “The scent of sea and land drops of water in sandContinue reading “Commonplace”

Moving Toward Peace

“Feeling warm hearted, and an inner calm about choices we make is a pretty good indicator that we are in alignment, on good path.” ‪#‎LetsGoUp‬ – from the book Merging Worlds You can also follow my personal page on Facebook! 🙂

Knotty Pine

The knotty pine floor felt like home to his bare feet. Smooth and warm, a stable base to stand on. It was a long journey, seemed at times so tiring and endless, that he did on occasion stop believing this place would exist. But it does. It wasn’t the destination that he acquired rather theContinue reading “Knotty Pine”

It Wasn’t Anyone’s Fault

A man passed away that I’d seen at my gym for years. I’m not certain what happened exactly, but it was sudden. That said, I would have smiled at him more frequently. Said something more than hello, maybe took the time to find out if he liked eggplant parmesan – or some other unknown factContinue reading “It Wasn’t Anyone’s Fault”