With Eagles Wings

“It is during the difficult times of deep reflection that we can hear the heartbeat of the Universe singing our song.” ‪#‎TakeTimeWeNeedToFeelThenLiftOurselves‬ ‪#‎ThenLiftEachOther‬

– from Merging Worlds, 93 Thoughts on Love & Cultivating Possibility

Our Best M.O.

MO copyIn a world of

constant change,

we can seek refuge in

lifting our heart

Ascending our

thinking minds into

the healing waters

that abide within us

Rising into a peace

that spiritually nourishes

thrice — body, mind, spirit.

Into a love that

dissolves attachment

to our wounds and suffering.

Into a love that

melts our affliction

of abandonment

seperation and isolation.

Into a love that is

our best — mode of operation.