Field of Possibility

Imagine what you and I can accomplish together. Not separately “I” can accomplish, rather when we join our minds and good will.

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Positive Vibe

Within Each of Us

“The ability to observe without judgment. The observer, at the seat of the soul, has no need other than to be the vessel for the child. And forgiving the child within, transforms the benefaction into the legacy — a bejeweled and lighted treasure.” —yesrising

Namaste 🙂


“If anything is possible, then how can we take part in creating this transformation? By becoming aware of our choice in the moments when we are most unsure.” ‪#‎WhatDoesYourHeartWant‬?

Take the time you need. Pause. Sit. Meditate.

– from MERGING WORLDS, 93 Thoughts on Love & Possibility



I AM Divine Love

“It is the ENERGY that heals body’s and minds and that makes planets spin and dolphins swim — the Love that spontaneously heals cancer and traumas and brings people back out of comas. I’ll call it Divine Love, I’ll tell you why later —it can end human suffering — this Love MATTERS deeper and you already are that. CHOOSE Love over fear.



Live Today

The gratitude of opening our eyes each day. ‪#‎LetsGoUp‬ ‪#‎YouAreTheGift‬‪#‎RenewedEachDay‬


A glitter emerges 
from a sleep
like a fairytale

something awakened inside
and remembered…

and each day

it begins…

– From HERO, a collection of metaphysical poems

Mind Like a Calm Lake


Mind Like a Calm Lake

I had a tai chi teacher many years back that would always start the class by saying this. Let you mind become still like a calm lake. I thought it was a beautiful thing to share after I took this photo on my walk home today from the car mechanic.

New Day


The Promise of a New Day

Today, Easter (to me) means we are rising anew from the dark of winter, returning from the underworld  —out from the mental constraints of the mind. We are rising from our ashes, with a new experience and with a hopeful vision to move forward. And during this period of growth, as the sun’s love does warm us, we see in spring the miracle of buds that bloom — in crocus and tulip and daffodil a promise of a new day begun. A gentle reminder that today, we know that we are enough to bloom, and we are not alone. Namaste. #Possibility #Love