Love and Motivation


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Connection and relationship with each other is our validation. We often seek it elsewhere in material things. The kindness we share through connection awakens each other’s Divine Gift. Our motivation is each other. We were never meant to conquer life alone.

Most of the time as a young man, and admittedly, many times until recently, I thought I needed to do everything myself. That somehow I must suffer, struggle “work hard” for success. That accepting help was taking from those who really needed it or that I wasn’t worth the investment. Both of those views are incorrect. You are worth the investment — you matter!

– excerpt from The Grace of Redefining Love (available May, 2017) #ExpandingLife




Field of Possibility

Imagine what you and I can accomplish together. Not separately “I” can accomplish, rather when we join our minds and good will.

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Mind Like a Calm Lake


Mind Like a Calm Lake

I had a tai chi teacher many years back that would always start the class by saying this. Let you mind become still like a calm lake. I thought it was a beautiful thing to share after I took this photo on my walk home today from the car mechanic.

Dissolve Suffering

Let me see the world through the eyes of:

One Love

See What is Real

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Wholeheartedly we Rise


wholeheartedly, we rise

It’s impossible for people to suffer events of trauma and loss in life and come through it unmarred, unmarked and unchanged. We become changed in ways we wish we didn’t —but we did, and in that comes a gift too. A reverence for life and all of it’s good and precious moments.

So, wholeheartedly we rise, in the arms of each others love and compassion. My prayer is always thank you — thank you for the love you gift. Namaste.

Make Conscious Choices

“Understandably, at times, our choice might be to take no action all, but whichever the case may be, a single choice can spark opportunity to emerge.”

– from Merging Worlds ‪#‎MakeConsciousChoices‬ ‪#‎LetsGoUp‬