Opening A Little Bit More

Let’s redefine THIS moment. Today — right now, don’t just say this but THINK it. I am extra joyous, extra beautiful, extra available, extra loving, extra LOVABLE and extra delicious. ‪#‎YouMatter‬ ‪#‎BeYou‬ ‪#‎OpeningALittleBitMore‬

Global Love

“This book is a little bit like Jazz and Blues – all about breathing together and playing off each others notes” ‪#‎WhyIWrite‬ ‪#‎LoveIsAlive‬ ‪#‎LetsGoUp‬

– from Merging Worlds

Doesn’t it feel good when we are in a flow together? In acceptance and appreciation of each other’s good and not so good notes? I write about these things because Love is alive and it seems to want to express itself through me. To ripple out and hug someone else on our planet. So, my thought is – let’s lift each other up. Let’s lift up our hearts and build bridges from our low notes to the highs. Let’s go up.


Expecting a Different Response

“We cannot expect a different response other than the frequency we are giving out”

Learn2One of the greatest gifts and joys we can to give to each other is to accept and include. This does not imply that we remain people pleasers or become door mats. Simply, it is to explore what is already alive in our hearts and sharing it. What is in your heart?

When we learn —  teach, as Maya Angelou often said. I believe when we share of ourselves, we teach.

I’ve learned, often times the hard way, that I cannot return home to fix my difficult childhood. I could not fix it then and I cannot fix it now. Nor can we fix any other person, place or thing in life. That said, we can transform it. Auto-correct, if you will, our own frequency. By frequency I offer the suggestion of inner exploration — a shift in perception.

In present moment our old beliefs and responses no longer work in problem resolution. If we are feeling mostly negative thoughts like fear, anger, embarrassment, hurt and so on, our view of the world will become that. One way I shift perception — change my frequency, is by changing the words I have floating around in my mind. Transforming words like “I’m not good enough” into “I AM enough, I AM just like you, and I AM the same love” becomes the practice. This is the journey into our heart. Those old words “I’m not good enough, I’m not like them” so on and so forth, are just old beliefs. The truth is, the old belief isn’t true! They were never ours to begin with — they were taught to us.

Easier said than done, I know. It is difficult work to see and even harder to unlearn. But possible. The shift in perception aligns me with the present moment, showing me that there is another way to see this situation. I can now say I wish to act from my heart. I can now say, I’ll make a conscious choice to put into practice my true belief that inclusion of my global colleagues — my co-inhabitants on this big blue-green planet will benefit humanity. Now, I can give a new voice to an old wound in a new way so my inner child speaks from safety in a new voice.

Practicing this allows us to live from personal power — our hearts. It allows other people to have their own experiences. And since we learn through experiencing, it affords us the opportunity  to act with empathy and compassion. We can — then expect a different response. A reciprocal overflowing exchange of universal connection. Namaste.

Moving Toward Peace

“Feeling warm hearted, and an inner calm about choices we make is a pretty good indicator that we are in alignment, on good path.” ‪#‎LetsGoUp‬

– from the book Merging Worlds

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Unbinding the Heart

Self Help agapi and richardUnbinding the Heart by Agapi Stassinopoulos. On my table to read before bed – and another suggested book to pick up for gifts. At the New York Open Center  during The Power of the Heart film screening, November 7, 2015.

Our Voice is an Instrument

SurrenderAsking for help can sometimes feel as if we are being submissive. But truly asking from our heart is allowing for possibility to form. Asking, either out loud or in silence, is using our voice as an instrument through which the Universe can then speak.  Asking for help opens our heart wider to a flood of love that our Source is very willing to provide. When someone asks us for help, don’t we usually reply with yes, how can I assist? Namaste

Follow Your Heart

follow your heart“On this path, I’ve met great healers, poets, and teachers. On this path – I’ve lost many friends. Some because I made choices that shattered their image of me, some because I said no, others just left our planet, dying way too early deaths, from what I can tell, were lost battles beyond their control. The bottom line is we must follow our heart.”

-from Merging Worlds: 93 Thoughts to Cultivate Possibility