What is Your Mission?


Maya Angelou

Love not fear

Our charge has always been to love — and to shine. Is there an area in your life that you are willing to accept help with?

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“A piece of art”— Dirk Terpstra — Intuitive Speaker—HeartMath Trainer

“Inspring” — Rev. Nora Bouvier

“He indeed redefines love” — Mary Schaefer, Speaker, Author and Chief Encouragement Officer, Artemis Path, Inc.

“A beautiful message”— Michele Harvey, Published Poet (Art in Public Places), Author, Life Coach

“A beautiful look at redefining Love” — Melissa Kalt, MD

“His message is a beacon.” — Thomas E Ziemann, Author of The Department of Zenitation & Taming the Anger Dragon

“A clarion call for anyone searching for happiness and peace.” —Karen Salmansohn, best selling author of THINK HAPPY

Redefining Love is merely changing our perception about a word and what it mens to us. The Grace of Redefining Love is a book about expanding life to include everything. There are four truths everyone is born with: You are loved, you are safe, you are enough, and YOU MATTER!




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Letter to a Bohemian 

What seems empty now is just the space — received to receive — that which we are willing to become.

Always love and teach it.

Desire and devour it — be compassionate. 

Forgive the mis-created reflections, yet exhale gratitude for each microsecond.

Be truer to your art —it lives to love, be loved and be lived.

Intend today to forward letters of instruction to your future self and former child.

Artists create because they have to create, Son. 

Wander gently more.

–excerpt from The Grace of Redefining Love, a book about expanding life to include everything. Available May 20, 2017 through AMAZON. Please like, share, and follow if you are moved to do so. YESRISING is on Instagram, Twitter, Medium and Facebook. Namaste 🙂

Live Vivaciously!

Ms. Angelou would often say “you’ve been paid for.”

“Dr. Maya Angelou (April 4, 1928-May 28, 2014) led a prolific life. As a singer, dancer, activist, poet and writer, she inspired generations with lyrical modern African-American thought that pushed boundaries. Best known for her autobiography I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings(Random House), she gave people the freedom to think about their history in a way they never had before.”

– from the PBS documentary Maya Angelou: And Still I Rise

Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou

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Observe What You Encounter Each Day


Severed cotton clouds
painted woolen spots
of beauty
some touch the sky with gray
from a thin paintbrush
sun spaced colour
of brilliance move cross horizons
creating illusions and beams
rainbow colours
darkened to the earth
cotton clouds become black
then we wait for the next
color conspiracy 

– from HERO, a collection of poems 1990-2001



Timeless Are The Old Hearts


Dance dance dance
she looked at me and smiled
she said to me
dance dance dance
she said come child
stretched out her arms and said
dance dancer
she said beyond your wildest dreams
dance dance
timeless are the old hearts
she said on dance child
she looked at me with a smile
feel it child she said
do you feel it child
dance dance dance
she said to me
dance dancer
And smiled 

-from the book HERO


Positive Action



I call him Sam because I don’t know his name.  1988 — waiting for the bus on the East Side, Providence — Rhode Island, a dark haired guy — handsome, made his way toward me and began speaking partly to himself, partly to me. Half sage, half poet, half crazy perhaps but then, what does it matter.

What he said to me that day I wrote down in a song. That line was “choose your possessions well”. It has become increasingly more true as life goes on.

We don’t need much. The things we think we want or need are more often than not —distraction. Our true possessions are spirit, heart and connection — to each other and a higher Source.

Thank you Sam. #Gratitude #WakingInstants #PeopleThatMakeADifference


Shine light – one person at a time…




Light always wins
love bends all
breaks through walls and calls
everything you hold dear
near to you, love is

-from HERO, a collection of poems