The NEW Destiny

In The New Destiny lives HOPE, for in leaving our past behind – LOVE expands.




The sudden wealth of knowledge
changes your view
steps that led to a bridge
over a river you found
a new destiny

you cannot turn back
for there is nothing
just faded colour against nothing
what you have now
is essence a feeling of impermanence

tonight you feel the real still
outside is empty outside is heavy
throughout a dense hum
that entangles us all

from HERO, a collection of poems written 1990-2001



“it flows endlessly from the soul without limitation” When we are in our FLOW, there is no right or wrong art. There is only Passionate Art. ‪#‎CulturalCreative‬‪#‎ActiveLove‬ ‪#‎Flow‬ ‪#‎DoWhatYouDo‬


Art and Passion


In a world of colour
in a world of dreams
it flows endlessly from the soul
without limitation
a bountiful work of art
to flourish like a budding daffodil
passion that unfolds
through the darkness
at the very moment it began

-from the book HERO, a collection of metaphysical poems 1990-2001


Divine Love

The Love We


In this world we feel frightened
we see pain and destruction
in the news everyday—
is this the game we wish to play

how much glamour do we need
to feel alive and above our thieves
where we stand I stood and I spoke—
“don’t you think we all are fighting for the same thing”

how much love will it take
to bring the house down
how much pain will it take
to let us feel the love unbound

the love we try to hide inside and rise above the clouded sky

I can see from what I read

that we have only just begun

that in all the world’s history

we cannot still outrun

meet me on the mountain top

where we become the force we seek

since out in this world so unclear

so many cry in fear-away may we steer

how much love will it take

to bring the house down

bring this dated house down

how much pain will it take

to let us feel the love

the love we try to hide inside and rise above the clouded sky

3 Points of Wisdom From Maya Angelou

poet Laurette

3 Points of Wisdom From Maya Angelou

This is a new article I wrote for The Power of the Heart. I’m now writing monthly for their blog. Join me in celebrating this phenomenal book AND film. Maya Angelou is in the film along with many, many other spiritual and creative leaders of our time. Share this with yourself and gift it to your friends. Namaste.

“Maya Angelou taught me many things. These three points of wisdom that I apply to my personal daily practice, I’ll share with you.

1. Listen to your heart. In The Power of The Heart Film, Maya Angelou tells us “The Heart is the only thing we can trust”. Often, I’ll say to friends “Heart Matters”. So much so, that our heart feels the answer before our logical mind can ask the question.”

To read further, click on the link below:





Gratitude for Beauty

for beauty
brown solid wood 
red velvet dreams
and white cotton

no longer angry
toward a world
just set adrift
like clouds

there are many
and then
there is truth
beauty’s soul mate

– From HERO, a collection of poems written between 1990-2001

Dear Artist

Dear Artist,

art and culture

Dear Artist…

I see your true expression. I feel the energy you do, of that in which you use to create. When I was a young boy, I felt very much the same way as you. The war raging within our own family and social environments. The war between awe and isolation, aliveness and oppression, truth and ties.

Though feeling trapped by the war within the box which condition and conformity would have us sit — like you, I saw more. In my heart grew a world much grander — that was my dream and it was free.

When I got to be a teenager, I visited a friend of the family and in her living room stood an easel with a half painted painting on it and I said — I want to create like that! About ten years later I ran into her, she saw my freedom and asked how did I get out? So, I write this for you dear artist.

Let your immediate circumstance not overtake your vision — for your vision is real and it holds the land of promise and opportunity that is very much alive and waiting on your next move. Let the choices you make today be aligned with your highest calling. You will know it because your heart will tell you so. Your heart will expand — open, and though you will feel vulnerable, it is through your nakedness that you discover joy and beauty and awe.

You are much more that what is in the box from which you came and from the constraints and lines a sleepy society would have you stay. Keep striving — move onward and rise up in all your creative spirit — keep creating. Evolve beyond the experiences that would have you remain in the box. Beyond the trauma that would have you live in the past. You are the consciousness of the Great Divine unfolding and expressing. You must follow your intuition — say what you need to say and trust it. Trust your heart, your spirit, your life. Trust the stardust of which you were born.