Love Over Fear


Love is Alive

Love is in and of ALL things. It is you and me in the field of possibility.

Now is the time to choose love over fear.
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I Present to you Grace


Expanding Life to Include Everything!

In and with LOVE I present my book #Grace on Amazon!! or visit YESRISING.COM !! THANK YOU

(through the Yesrising Foundation for Love, Possibility and Inclusiveness, a percentage of the proceeds will support Cancer Survivorship Programs, LGBTQ youth, and Eldercare Environments)

This has been a labor of love and I’m filled with gratitude sharing it with you.

Namaste everyone! I love you.


Heartbeat of Probability


Living in the Realm of Love

“I believe we all want to live more in this realm of love. More in joy and further in awe — through the continuum of our awareness, seeing all of life willingly different from the perception of separation. Here we become the heartbeat of probability.

excerpt from The Grace of Redefining Love, expanding life to include everything. My new book coming out in May 2017. Namaste ❤

In Hope and in Possibility

desireWe live in challenging times. In extraordinary times — and during an evolutionary time in which we are being requested to step forward with Expanded Love and Generous Hearts.

This world — that we believe in — asks us to participate in designing our future.

To design our life with a desire to lift each other up in hope and in possibility. 

Citizens around the globe, we’re invited to express Divine Love, to bring to light our deepest secret — “we’re all really butterflies, waiting to emerge from our transformational chrysalis.”

All our charge has ever been — is to Love.

excerpt from THE GRACE of REDEFINING LOVE. My book about expanding and including all of life into our own lives. Available May 2017. Namaste ❤

Diversity is Divinity

There are times we MUST say something.


Diversity is Divinity

Live Inclusive: Without Labels, But in LOVING action

NO FEAR FRIDAY is a weekly campaign aimed at replacing fear with LOVE.
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Authentic Motivation

positive people

You are Possible

Authentic motivation comes from and through each others heart center. One of the most empowering realizations we can make is this. By encouraging each other’s possibility, we encourage our own.

All Things Become Possible


Holding Space in our Hearts for all Life

“We are filled with Grace as our mind, body and spirit fuses with profound gratitude, for all lifeforms, we witness the Great Power of Love — bathing in its Glory when we actualize it — all things become possible.”

– from The GRACE of REDEFINING LOVE, a book about expanding life to include everything. Follow me or YesRising on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook. #Grace #Gratitude #LovingYou

photo credit: Unsplash