Self-Worth Through Service

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5 Tips to Cultivate Core Care

Nature is the rehab of choice when in need of coming home to cultivate my confidence, self-value and values.

There is nothing like sitting on top of a sunbathed hot rock by a river to recharge and contemplate what has happened during the week or to find strength to move toward the next.

I bring a pen and journal with me — take in several deep breaths, close my eyes and listen. I listen to the water move, I listen to the trees bristle in the wind, and I asks the birds what song they have to sing for me today.

It could be a quick hike, a day at the beach, a trip to Saint-Tropez, or sitting in the park observing spring flowers, but honestly nature in some form does it for me every time.

Natural elements bring clarity. Nature aligns us with our inner thoughts, the ones that come from the place when we know — God is watching. In our stillness, we become the origin of I AM.

Self-worth means I am of service to something Divine. I am creating for the benefit of others. Self-worth, giving at its core, knows the value we bring wishes nothing in return. It is the joy we feel when we see someone else able to breath a little deeper due to our, or a collective, action.

I remind myself daily of purpose and reverence for a world much larger than I. In reverence, I feel connected with the planet, its people — and our Universe. In our connection — the question of self-doubt fades away — we become one with cosmic intent. And in our gratitude for the stuff we are made of — we know we are worthy.

I listen to the water move, I listen to the trees bristle in the wind, and I asks the birds what song they have to sing for me today.

How does our self-worth lead to well-being?

In our reverence for life — our thoughts soften into loving ones. Our softened self-love returns to itself within us. Our love speaks to our entire body — and in our pureness, we heal. With internal clarity we eat less and exercise more. We choose the energy we intake unto our body.

We recalibrate to a higher frequency, one that chooses to live awake and alive — choosing, moment to moment, from a menu of wellness that transform us into humans that habituate a life of well-being.

What can we integrate into our daily plan to cultivate self-worth?

  • Try stretching when you get out of bed, meditation, and reading transformation books.
  • Exercise. Find your sacred space in nature, and journal.
  • Practice gratitude first thing in the morning and last before drifting to sleep.
  • Help each other, your neighbor, your school, your children, and our aging community.
  • Get socially active and connect with others, support a cause you believe in.

OK, so you get the picture. Self-worth, value, self-esteem, self-confidence emerge from the inside out. Get deep with yourself. Don’t be afraid of what you’ll find — embrace it. Living a life valued from the inside out is so — worth it. 



Divine Love

We Are All Energy

Two and a half years ago I had The Dream. My Grandfather came to me in what was only revealed as his face — but I really think it was God. No words were spoken, feeling only the most beautiful complete love I’d ever felt before, I felt absolute.

Nothing about this dream came in words or form, in the way we might try and imagine it here. No, it offered only inclusivity through Joy and Peace, wrapping me inside a blanket that can only best be described as Oneness.

It is the energy that heals body’s and minds and that makes planets spin and dolphins swim — the Love that spontaneously heals cancer and traumas and brings people back out of comas. I’ll call it Divine Love, I’ll tell you why later —it can end human suffering — this Love matters deeper and you already are that.

Lucidly, I’d wondered how my parents and siblings or anyone on our planet could feel this Divine Love and not express it or share it with each other — it seemed outrageous. Why would those I love and love me hold back THIS Love?

Later that morning as I wrote about it, I realized that they couldn’t give it because they didn’t know it — they didn’t withhold it, they just couldn’t give what they didn’t KNOW they had to give. And no one is to blame.

I feel blessed to have received a glimpse, a taste of the nectar that we all are made of. Perhaps it is helpful to think of it this way. The Love I attempt to speak of, feels like the gentle touch you give a newborn baby the moment they are delivered into our world — the gift you give them, welcoming them with promise, protection and wonder and awe, saying — I will take care of you angel — I am here. I am Divine —You are Loved.

You must wonder, like I did, what is the meaning of all this? What does this have to do with you? Divine Love, Divine Dreams, Metaphysical mumbo jumbo.

The synchronicity between the dream and my personal past began in 1995 while working on a music project I had titled Inter-Dimensional Love. This was just before the dawn of a faster digital world — when music was recorded on tape and words written on paper.

Inter-Dimensional was supposed to be the name of my next musical work because it meant blending our separate love and understanding into one love that was multilayered — more than what most of us had been taught in our family and certainly much bigger that what we had been taught in school and church.

It meant that the lines that are drawn in the sand dividing gender and country’s and colors and sexuality, the lines that divide people could and should be dissolved. Inter-Dimensional Love meant that everything relates to another — that we are all connected energy on Earth, evolving — and not just deserving of, but capable of providing the same acceptance, hope and freedom for everyone — inclusiveness.

For year’s I tried to create the intention of that musical project in some form or another. Finally, in 2001 I released the CD titled 10 Year’s to 7th Heaven, a good but disconnected body of work that just didn’t hit the mark. It was the last attempt before the next 10 year’s of a whirlwind of relationships, corporate jobs, dysfunctional family requests and my own escapism.

Sure, there were bits and pieces of work after that of course, but it wasn’t until 2012 when I began another transformation — you can read about in my article Rising Heart, Beat and Song — that Inter-Dimensional Love re-emerged.

The 4 years following 2012 brought me all the way back to 1995 — to begin again. Connecting the dots, I discovered Inter-Dimensional Love is Divine Love.

This revelation came during the time I had been listening to different New Thought Leaders at the 2016 Hay House World Summit, a free 4-week offering of personal and spiritual development lectures and talks. With little more than two hours left before these free talks where to end, I listened to Wayne Dyer—The Next Step. 

I suppose it was the title that drew me in first, because I was ready for the next step in my own life. The following day, I reviewed the notes I took of Wayne Dyer’s conversation with Reid Tracy, CEO of Hay House, and began to notice that the words I wrote sang to me.

Wayne Dyer spoke highly of a man named Peter Deunov, a Bulgarian philosopher, artist, musician, and spiritual teacher who lived between 1864 and 1944. Both Dyer and Deunov spoke of Divine Love — in a way that allowed me to see the synchronicity of my experiences. The feeling of “Right Path” in my heart told me that Divine Love was the same as Inter-Dimensional Love — which was the same Love that spoke to me in my dream two and a half years ago. 

Both extraordinary and humbling, we can all make these connections and correlations in our lives — we just need to be still. Listen to our intuitive voice in the stillness. Our dreams and life experiences are meant to allow us to shine brighter —to lift us up. As my experience was meant for me to love a little bit more, to be a little bit kinder, and to accept myself more fully — it was also meant to share with you.

Our civilization is upon the threshold of a self actualization — we stand at the doorway of promise.

You and I have set sail toward this new and glorious shore, where we are touching all dimensions with our hope and courage, needing only to choose our thoughts to seize possibility, unblock our Hearts — and trust our wings are large enough to fly.



I Am Still Here

Dear Inner Child: No matter what, I’m going to be here. It’s OK to feel what you feel, it’s normal —In fact it’s beautiful because you feel. I’m still here. Yes, that’s right I’m gonna be here with you forever unconditionally. You matter to me.

My Prayer is Thank You


My Prayer is Always Thank You

“My prayer is always thank you — THANK YOU for the LOVE you gift” I say gift — because when we gift someone something, there isn’t (or shouldn’t be) any expectation of something in return. We give what we already possess, knowing our LOVE is ever filled by the GREAT COSMOS. ‪#‎SeeTheCycle‬‪#‎NoMoreFear‬ ‪#‎NoFearFriday‬ ‪#‎nofear‬ ‪#‎nofears‬ ‪#‎love‬ ‪#‎loveyourself‬

What is the Gift?

Self compassion

Choose Love

The conversation is with ourselves, how can I look at this problem differently, how can I adapt, how can I change for the better — what is the gift?

Possibility Speaks

“Possibility speaks to us all the time. It speaks through you and me, and trees, and rivers, and mountains and through birds, and dogs and babies. Messages, connections, and signs are here to guide us on our journey. Stay awake, everything speaks. Everything has something to say.”