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Letter to a Bohemian 

What seems empty now is just the space — received to receive — that which we are willing to become.

Always love and teach it.

Desire and devour it — be compassionate. 

Forgive the mis-created reflections, yet exhale gratitude for each microsecond.

Be truer to your art —it lives to love, be loved and be lived.

Intend today to forward letters of instruction to your future self and former child.

Artists create because they have to create, Son. 

Wander gently more.

–excerpt from The Grace of Redefining Love, a book about expanding life to include everything. Available May 20, 2017 through AMAZON. Please like, share, and follow if you are moved to do so. YESRISING is on Instagram, Twitter, Medium and Facebook. Namaste 🙂

Self-Worth Through Service

self worth

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5 Tips to Cultivate Core Care

Nature is the rehab of choice when in need of coming home to cultivate my confidence, self-value and values.

There is nothing like sitting on top of a sunbathed hot rock by a river to recharge and contemplate what has happened during the week or to find strength to move toward the next.

I bring a pen and journal with me — take in several deep breaths, close my eyes and listen. I listen to the water move, I listen to the trees bristle in the wind, and I asks the birds what song they have to sing for me today.

It could be a quick hike, a day at the beach, a trip to Saint-Tropez, or sitting in the park observing spring flowers, but honestly nature in some form does it for me every time.

Natural elements bring clarity. Nature aligns us with our inner thoughts, the ones that come from the place when we know — God is watching. In our stillness, we become the origin of I AM.

Self-worth means I am of service to something Divine. I am creating for the benefit of others. Self-worth, giving at its core, knows the value we bring wishes nothing in return. It is the joy we feel when we see someone else able to breath a little deeper due to our, or a collective, action.

I remind myself daily of purpose and reverence for a world much larger than I. In reverence, I feel connected with the planet, its people — and our Universe. In our connection — the question of self-doubt fades away — we become one with cosmic intent. And in our gratitude for the stuff we are made of — we know we are worthy.

I listen to the water move, I listen to the trees bristle in the wind, and I asks the birds what song they have to sing for me today.

How does our self-worth lead to well-being?

In our reverence for life — our thoughts soften into loving ones. Our softened self-love returns to itself within us. Our love speaks to our entire body — and in our pureness, we heal. With internal clarity we eat less and exercise more. We choose the energy we intake unto our body.

We recalibrate to a higher frequency, one that chooses to live awake and alive — choosing, moment to moment, from a menu of wellness that transform us into humans that habituate a life of well-being.

What can we integrate into our daily plan to cultivate self-worth?

  • Try stretching when you get out of bed, meditation, and reading transformation books.
  • Exercise. Find your sacred space in nature, and journal.
  • Practice gratitude first thing in the morning and last before drifting to sleep.
  • Help each other, your neighbor, your school, your children, and our aging community.
  • Get socially active and connect with others, support a cause you believe in.

OK, so you get the picture. Self-worth, value, self-esteem, self-confidence emerge from the inside out. Get deep with yourself. Don’t be afraid of what you’ll find — embrace it. Living a life valued from the inside out is so — worth it. 



“Both in waking and in dreaming – acknowledging our forgiving self, believing self and our loving self is critical.” -Merging Worlds


Mirror Work is Good for the Soul

Acknowledge your goodness. Say hello, also to the dark parts  – for they want to be seen and heard too. Mirror work is a beautiful practice for this.


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What is the Gift?

Self compassion

Choose Love

The conversation is with ourselves, how can I look at this problem differently, how can I adapt, how can I change for the better — what is the gift?

Meditate Daily


Meditate on Your Passion

“Finally somewhere along the journey you realize that you’ve stopped needing. And you just DO. You just write, you just cook, you just create, you just teach, you just love…” ‪#‎MeditateOnYourPassionToday‬

– from Merging Worlds



Listen to Your Inner Voice

INTUITION — an integral part of any wellness practice. It speaks directly on our behalf. Probably the most important ingredient to our wellbeing. ‪#‎ChooseWell‬ ‪#‎ChooseWithoutFear‬ ‪#‎NoMoreFear‬ ‪#‎NoFearFriday


“Releasing is forgiving ourselves for the million things we think we did wrong and the times we thought we were not good enough. You ARE enough!”
– from Merging Worlds