A Gratitude Experience

The Lesson

The GIFT — The LESSON: April 13, 2017

“Trust that through your experiences, whatever they may be, gratitude will bring a sublime understanding of our connection and of our strength — together.” – The Grace of Redefining Love

Here is the synchronicity of a post from two years ago. 2012-2015 was a shit load of loss! (a high paying job ended, three loved ones died in 6 months time, I had a cancer diagnosis).

This afternoon I had written a list of the things I’m grateful for, then when I opened Facebook this memory (below) is what popped up. Here is the list I wrote today of what I’m grateful: #Health #healing #GlobalConnection #Friendships #Yesrising #SomeoneToComeHomeTo #BookEndorsements #SunnyWarmApartment #Synchronicity #Expansion

Keep going — follow your heart!

Namaste  🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏


Richard Silvia was feeling thankful.

April 13, 2015 ·

“Many of us are struggling. Like you, I too, am asking the same questions. How can I make it work? How can I best serve? How can I live my highest purpose? And so on. It feels confusing. Mind-boggling.

Today, I made the necessary choice to sell my Jeep. I’m OK with that, not happy about it, but at peace. I continue to remain open, because opportunity always emerges out of what can seem nonexistent. Infinite possibility, and jobs, careers, lovers, and friends meet us when we need them most – synchronicity is always at work.

I write this because everyone in similar situations needs to hear that that it’s OK to ask for help. It is OK to release our questions to God. We are not alone and we will see it through to new ground. We are moving and changing and going places we don’t quite see yet but our intuition will lead us there. Keep going – follow your heart. Namaste.”


HumanityWe think of surrender as weak and release as defeating, but this is powerful work. An experienced singer knows to hit the high note they must release the muscles in their throat. Forgiving releases our judgment muscles.


Forgiving becomes a practice that trains our mind to support our spirit. The ultimate goal and vision of our spirit is always to serve humanity.

— from The Grace of Redefining Love, expanding life to include everything.

Namaste 🙂


Giving Thanks


Generous is about giving —but giving of what?

Sunday mornings bring a quiet space for reflection. Generosity.

Generosity conjures labels from our condition and from our culture. Ads for gifting, jewels and baubles indicating payment or reward for behavior — for others maybe defined by a philanthropic event we attend — recipients of the blah, blah, blah award.

Yes, generous is about giving —but giving of what?

In many dictionary’s, generosity is often referred to as having the quality to be kind. In the Latin origin of the word, it means noble — or showing quality’s of virtue and good. A bit further and in deepening our experience of generosity, it extends in subtle or not so subtle ways.

Our time, our smile, our ear, our touch. More often than not, an offering of a cup of earl grey tea and a biscuit to someone may be the awaited gift. Empathy may even be generosity’s highest form. Giving — being seen, feeling heard.

Generosity restores hope. It provides humanity, our brothers and sisters, with the promise that we are not alone, that we care —are cared for, and that the wellbeing of this great planet and that of our families is indeed, intact.

The reciprocity of generosity is up to the Universe to deliver, and it does. Maybe not in the timeframe or model our ego conjures and documents in support of its entitlement —no, but the higher law of generosity will deliver receipt sublimely.

So, think of it like this. Perhaps, the generosity that we are demonstrating toward someone today is the return of their generosity they gave to another a year, or more, ago.

Gratitude for the gifts we possess and are able to give is what impels the laws of generosity into motion. What we have to give today — let us be grateful for, that.

Living in authentic gratitude, our Heart Center is wide open.

How can we become active in our authenticity? By consciously making a choice to keep returning to this moment. This moment, present and rooted in goodness. The only place where we can rise — together, is inclusive and without condition —to serve authentically.

Eckhart Tolle suggests in the book The Power of The Heart — “It is through gratitude for the present moment that the spiritual dimension of life opens up.”

Today I have the opportunity to expand. I can expand my thoughts to see no division between us. Because I am willing to see differently — to unlearn my conditioned actions, reactions, to my own pain, suffering — my trauma, and yes — to see yours.

And I will savor this moment because I am willing to include you in it. 

Spiritual generosity —our soul to soul art form, music of the heart — energy of empathy is asking you and I to join in practice — to expand our thinking, to accept a world view, to activate a global gratitude for the reciprocity of generosity. 






Primal and passionate
like jazz
brilliantly seductive
knowing the soundless sound
forging through the night
like a fast moving spirit
he becomes the beast
unleashing the dark
the dangerous
sending out signals
like a fire on
a cold winter night 

From HERO, a collection of metaphysical poems

Angels Among Us

Last night after my yoga class, I pulled out of the parking lot, there was a gospel song called Testify on the radio – then this CLOUD. Nothing else in the sky – definite message here…‪#‎CoolStuff‬ ‪#‎OnPath‬

The day after that: More on the driving theme – yesterday a small grasshopper was on my steering wheel while driving home. It leaped to my leg, then my arm, then out the window. Remarkable navigational skills they have! I found the totem afterward. http://www.whats-your-sign.com/grasshopper-totem-and-symbolism.html


Bird in the Sky

A Greater Love, A Grateful Love

Wayne Dyer

A Greater Love, A Grateful Love

My Lesson from Wayne Dyer

As The Hay House World Summit 2016 comes to a close, it is uncanny that I chose Wayne Dyer’s The Next Step as the last talk to listen to. I didn’t do it intentionally —this was synchronicity at work. As I connect the dots of the past 5 years of my life — losing my job, surviving cancer, the people I’ve lost, the ones I’ve met — the people I am meeting, I can see something taking shape — Divine expression of Love, Possibility, Heart, and Healing.

Last year, I started taking notes for a book I want to write titled Redefining Love, Exploring the Layers of Love, Healing and Global Thinking. It’s a continuation of work that began as a music project back in 95 or 96 —a home recording originally titled Inter-Dimensional Love. 

I want to talk about inclusiveness, gratitude, awe and include insights from the dream I had about My Grandfather/God/Spirit — whatever it was that came and showed me the most amazing unconditional Love I have ever felt, with perhaps some combination of new poetry and music.

So, not knowing what Wayne Dyer was going to speak about in this conversation — it just all fit too perfectly. One thing he said that struck me is “everything is channeled”. So…we are all connected.

I’m not sure where this will all go or how it will develop but I do know that this is where I’m headed and since I’ve been posting on the rest of the summit I listened to and watched, I wanted to finish it up here. I have a good feeling about all this. Namaste. 🙂


“This is a good place to interject a dream I had about a year ago. My Grandfather came to me, the image was only his face, but I really think it was God. No words were spoken. I felt only the most beautiful complete love I have ever felt before. In the dream, I thought how could my parents or siblings feel this great love and not express or share it with me? Later when I woke up and wrote about it, I realized that they couldn’t give it because they didn’t know it – they didn’t withhold it, they just couldn’t give what they didn’t have to give. And no one is to blame. The dream gave me a glimpse, a taste of the love that we all are made of, all come from. I do not experience that love all the time, but I always remember the feeling.”

– from the article RISING HEART, Beat and Song (2015)