3 Hands On Tips for Engaging Your Resilience

FailureEmpower Your Personal Transformation

You lost your job, got divorced, battled a life threatening disease, someone you love shattered your world, you lost a loved one, a pet, you had to move your residence, the list goes on — how do we get back up and more than that, how do we find our new normal and thrive?

Being able to adapt and enjoy our life in a new way — the bounce back factor, that is resilience. And you are right, life isn’t easy and in our eyes at times, isn’t fair — it takes all we got sometimes to get out of bed in the morning and that’s OK.

The single most important thing to remember is that we are not alone on our journey, there are others here. Wherever we are in life there are people that rise out of nowhere exactly when we need them. I know developing a positive attitude sounds cliche and it certainly is difficult to keep it up during times of adversity, but when we are able to step back a little, most often what we need the most is right in front of our eyes, right where we are, usually within reach.

My personal experience has shown me that with our dedication and daily practice, we can cultivate the good, focus on what we want and eventually create a new inner world — that is our transformation.

In 2012, my job was eliminated, a month later I was diagnosed with cancer. Without reliable income I used what little retirement I had managed to save up to live on. A year later I lost three people who were very close to me in six months time. Yes, there were plenty of days during that time when I felt like giving up and some days I did. The point I wish to make is that we need to take the dark days for what they are — dark days. Rest, cry, stay in bed for a day or two but after your fill of crying — GET UP. 

Here are 3 To-the-Point Tips to Help Empower your Personal Resilience

  1. Get a book from the library or watch Super Soul Sunday on OWN, the Oprah Winfrey Network offers extraordinary uplifting and personal development programming.  Find your faith wherever or whatever it is. 
  2. Go to church, meditate at a local buddhist temple, sit by the ocean and write. The conversation is with ourselves, and with God, Higher Power, Universe. The questions become; how can I look at this problem differently, how can I adapt, how can I change for the better — what is the gift?
  3. Develop Positive Self Talk. You’ve got to keep reaching. You have got to keep loving. And eventually, when we do the work, developing our heart and training our mind to believe in love and possibility, we are lead into a new and beautiful space of peace and wise acceptance — our resilience.

“Failure isn’t the opposite of success, it’s a stepping stone to success.”

— Thrive Global

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Trauma, loss, pain – in varying degrees everyone experiences suffering. The GRACE of REDEFINING LOVE is a book about expanding life to include everything – or at least, as much as possible. May we look at our lives in a way that we can heal, in a way that we can have loving communication with our bodies, our spirit and with each other.
Namaste ❤
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Becoming Softer


photo courtesy of Unsplash

It is humbling as we surrender. Peace comes to us through our desire to end suffering — not just our own, but for all sentient beings.

We think we must get harder and more armored in life but we really need to become softer — it’s sobering.

Asking for help allows the Universe to speak.

Love 8815

Love transforms. This is the opening prayer to a body of work I’m writing called “The Grace of Redefining Love, expanding life to include everything”. I’m hoping to have it completed in a few weeks. 


Abstracting Beauty from the Whole


Love — I can see you now

no table reservation

no restriction, just

fluid and flowing


Slowly — Love

our Grand Design, gentle

offers reprise

cease fire the newborn cheek


You are not rough

fill me up,

no forced accommodation

not presumed to fit


Love — I see you now

same like water wets,

covering care and in

full the sand, sea and debris


Love meet Love

melodic induction

no — not possession

not stamped claimed


Forgive my jagged edges

Dear Love, Welcome

I see you now —

I am open for living

© 2016 Richard A. Silvia



note on photos: Love is transformational, we are too, like the flower in the photo when cropped and focused upon transforms into abstract beauty – as do we. Namaste 🙂




Let this morning light serve

a world awakened

which You Divine

shine through and speak

Unfolding anew through

new shape and sound and form

striking and beautiful

in simplest and humble things

for I am you and you, I

dreaming one —

thank you for peace prevailed

and if our enemy says

“I forgot love”

let the words be transformed

when you remind us all —

IS love.

from the GRACE OF REDEFINING LOVE, a book about changing perception


You Matter

REDEFINING LOVE, learning to see differently

“We don’t need to live our old story. The old broken story, the story circumstance caused trauma, the story that we are victims and we are stuck. I believe today more than ever, we need more trauma experts to lead us out from our states of fear — without the labels, without judgement, into our new safe self.”

from THE GRACE OF REDEFINING LOVE, a book about changing perception.

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Doing Good Work

“Somewhere we must come to see that human progress never rolls in on the wheels of inevitability. It comes through the tireless efforts and the persistent work of dedicated individuals…” — Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Do Good Work