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YOU WILL BE LOVED is dedicated to the #Ukrainian people who continue to demonstrate and embody courage, compassion and integrity.
YOU WILL BE LOVED video by Richard Silvia/a/k/a The Rick Eva Music Project (c)2022


OOH THE SKY video by Richard Silvia/a/k/a The Rick Eva Music Project (c)2022

The RICK EVA MUSIC PROJECT presents “YOU WILL BE LOVED” a new CD with 11 songs that will make you cry, inspire hope, and ask you to have faith in humanity. Available below and now at PLATTERPUS RECORDS, Cottage Street, Easthampton, MA.

YOU WILL BE LOVED is a journey, a body of work from me, a/k/a The Rick Eva Music Project, to you. It’s a worldview and a lifelong passion, evolving, morphing, living timeless—as music should.

These songs are our stories. They belong to each of us. And our stories, this CD, is also an anthem to our planet. A declaration that above all we cannot abandon our compassion or faith in each other —in humanity, and thus so importantly, for our beloved Earth whom so graciously sustains us.

richard silvia, the rick eva music project 2022

The title track, #11, “YOU WILL BE LOVED” is dedicated to the people of Ukraine who courageously demonstrate to the world that love matters and our ways of life are sacred.

Many of the songs are played, mixed and produced by guitarist, singer, songwriter, producer Peter Calo and his extraordinary guitar work is on all but two tracks.

YOU WILL BE LOVED is a companion to the self-published book TEACH LOVE ©2021 and includes a spoken word poem, “WISH TO BE FREE” set to meditative music co-written by Peter Calo.

The CD’s opening song “OOH THE SKY” received honorable mention from Billboard International Songwriting Contest. Richard’s work has been featured in Boston Voyager Magazine, Thrive Global, Power of the Heart, Twilight Ending Literary Journal, Treasured Poems of America, Music Connection Magazine, Los Angeles, The Noise, Rock Around Boston.

To Purchase The CD: $10 in person ($10 plus $5 shipping and handling if mailing)

Payment: (A) *CashApp: https://cash.app/$Yesrising (B) *Paypal: PayPal.Me/Yesrising (C) *Check: PM if you know me and plan to mail a check. *Please leave detailed information, name, address, contact method per order.

Thank you! I’m deeply moved by your support.

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T E A C H L O V E | Inspire Possibility

My why is not about having 1 Million followers, it’s about inspiring one, five, or five hundred people who then engage their capacity to help others. One Million Hearts.

Since the dawn of time philosophers, poets, even scientists have provided data supporting beyond reasonable doubt that LOVE is a common thread between us. We’re shifting from an operating system of competition and survival into one of compassion, love and empathy. 

Today, may we aim to take the work of those who came before us further — expanding, exploring, expressing, opening the heart to release an old story so we might begin a new one. Lay down your swords.

Expand Life to Include Everything.

—Richard Silvia

“Teach Love is a Touchstone setting ablaze a new paradigm of love for living in accordance with the Natural world in all its wondrous forms.”— Robert M. Mason, PhD

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